The Jasmin Dream project

jasmine cultureThe society New Problem Solving Srl, which exists and operates successfully on the market since the 2003, has devised an innovative, fully digital project to contribute effectively and powerfully to the social integration of migrants and refugees, strengthening intercultural dialogue, promoting common EU values ​​and mutual understanding and respect for other cultures .

In short, we want to use culture against hate.

Taking advantage of its twenty years and important skills and experience in the IT services sector, programming in WEB environments, journalistic dissemination and publications in the digital environment, our company has created a new Editorial Brand with the title "Jasmin Dream", with the aim of creating new ebooks to be published on Amazon - and other major e-commerce stores, both in Italian and in other European languages ​​(mainly French, English, Spanish), and also in Arabic.

We also intend to add the same texts to the e-books in print, as well as audiobooks (with technology and distribution Audible), And informative e Vlog, even free, on the platform YouTube.

In fact, we believe that disseminating good texts and media digitally, economically, and immediately accessible to everyone and everywhere, is the best way to contribute effectively and powerfully to the social integration of migrants and refugees, strengthening intercultural dialogue, promoting common EU values ​​and mutual understanding and respect for other cultures.

The focus of the editorial operation is mainly aimed at immigration from the countries of North Africa, of predominantly Muslim religion. But we will also deal with every other type of racism, for example that against immigrants from the east, and against the Roma population.

In fact, we note a worrying increase in racism and distrust of immigrants from these areas, fueled by recent government policies and widespread ignorance about their religion and their culture. This terrible climate - now widespread - is likely to produce worrying tendencies towards radicalization.

The project team

Thanks to the precious collaboration of Prof. Paolo Branca, Professor of Arabic and Arab culture at the Catholic University of Milan and at the Bicocca University of Milan, we can in fact access a large number of very interesting texts on this subject, which unfortunately have never been published by the Publishing Houses so far traditional, due to the high costs of traditional printing, the complex and difficult distribution of paper books, and the lack of interest shown by publishers in a market considered "niche" and therefore not very profitable.

The fundamental contribution of the young Algerian citizen Nadjib Bouaou, inspirer of the project and profound connoisseur of the Arab world and, as well as digital marketing, will allow us to face the difficult task we are carrying out with enthusiasm and professionalism.

The project has been prepared and is managed by Prof. Ines Angelino, CEO of New Problem Solving Srl.

The details of the project

Our great editorial and technological preparation will allow us to quickly enter many new, really important texts, works in the public domain, and also informative and training ebooks on the digital market, to promote a real knowledge of the Arab world with which we are now in daily contact .

  • Amazon is the main creator and distributor of digital texts - e-books - and will allow us to be immediately on the market at very attractive prices and accessible to all, with books with a new, multimedia, culturally relevant cut, with proposals that will range from essays, to the novels, to the poetic works, to the instant books with a popular topic on the political events that are now tumultuous and often incomprehensible to non-experts.
  • We firmly believe that only a vast and profound process of cultural disclosure will allow us to face the difficult transition towards a real European cultural integration, avoiding the risks of radicalization and effectively fighting the temptation of terrorism,
  • To the publication of e-books we also intend to support the creation and distribution of videos on the channel YouTube, with the same objectives as above.
  • Thanks to our great experience in the field of musical dissemination and Record Company with digital distribution (our Brand ClassicaViva exists and operates successfully since the 2003), we are able to produce very quickly and with great effectiveness a lot of strategic and high impact material, accessible to thousands of European citizens and all over the world.
  • We have a network of experienced collaborators in the publishing sectors and with deep knowledge of the realities of the Arab world of immigrants, to achieve these objectives effectively and with the utmost timeliness.
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